Update Re: Facebook

Today, as I type this “post”, please know that this site is no longer posting to Facebook and will no longer be associated with that “page”/site.

It came to my attention over the course of time that there is a policy of Facebook to unilaterally censor information it/they find contradictory to Facebook “policy”, primarily those voices of the more politically “conservative”. Now, whether or not I agree with posts, or expressions of opinions, I am a believer in the inalienable right of ALL persons to express themselves, their points of view, their opinions on any matter or issue, no matter who they are, what their beliefs are, how they express themselves. I have my opinions, my views and I hope to always be able to express them, verbally, in writing, posting, music, art, etc. I have been the victim of Facebook censorship, silenced, “banned” and “blocked”, and because of the whim of a complete and utter stranger. My nemesis has never been identified. I have never been afforded the opportunity to rebuff or rebuke any claims of offence. In other words, I have been denied any and all rights to express my side of a situation. And yes, indeed, and in fact, I am resentful.

As I would take personal responsibility and simply, unilaterally “block” those who offend me, just as I would leave a room or the presence of some-one whose statements cause me discomfort or offend me, I expect complete reciprocity of the very same consideration. Sadly, there are those, particularly in the employ of Facebook, who are obviously of lesser mind and ethics, psychotics who believe themselves far superior to others, those who, rather than open constructive and intelligent dialogue, exercise their psychoses in a manner by which voices of any perceived contention are simply silenced. Dictatorial, tyrannical, repulsive… nothing more, other or less.

Facebook, I have been informed, also reserves some self-appointed, self-deluded “right” to claim possession of material posted to their site. Photos of self, children, loved ones, landscapes, etc., images of one’s art work, content of one’s writings, of one’s own creativity are literally stolen, and with the material, the rights of the creator of same to possession. As a writer, painter, sketcher, I wish to display and “share” the results of my efforts with others, but I do not wish and will not permit my works to be stolen, as has already been done with the originals of so much of my previous work. Bad enough that others have seen it proper and permissible to take my water-colours, many framed, one, in particular, with which I never wanted to part. (For them, “Karma”, I believe has addressed their trespass and will continue so to do. “Ill-gotten gains” provide no peace. It is, I’ve found over the course of my life-time to be a fact. “Creation” seeks balance in everything. “Karma” provides that balance. I leave the matter at that, having no other recourse.)

How-ever, for the founders, creators and employees of Facebook to seriously believe that they are at complete liberty to take the works, toils, labours and efforts of another as their own, for what-ever reason(s) they contrive and concoct in their truly ill minds is, to me, unacceptable and I will not participate in such activities. To do other-wise, in my humble opinion, is to condone and participate in such horrific behaviour. My best recourse is to simply not participate, not post my works, not visit Facebook, not support their sponsors or supporters. There are MANY alternatives to Facebook available. I’ve done my searching and researching and have found one brilliant venue and have since removed my works and voice from Facebook.

Surely there are readers who enjoy the practices of Facebook and who will support them, no matter what. You are entitled to do so. I will opine, I choose to keep my opinion of you to myself. I, personally choose not to participate or correspond with you on that venue.

This said, I invite all to contact me either via this site or directly via e-mail to, if you wish, discuss the matter further. At this juncture I feel I owe it to my viewers/visitors who may have looked for correspondence from me on Facebook the courtesy of informing you of the reason for my absence.

As always, I thank you for visiting, for taking the time to read this post, for your kind continued support and continue to look forward to corresponding with you all on any and all points and matters. Thank you.


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